GO FISH! Exhibit Graphics :: GO FISH! at the Maritime Aquarium—one of several exhibits that I’ve had the pleasure to work on with Judith Bacal, Director of Exhibits at the time. Both educational and engaging, this project focused on sustainability and responsible fishing in “Long Island Sound & Beyond.”

The exhibit included a 30,000-gallon observation tank stocked featuring local fish species; a walk-through history of recreational and commercial fishing in Long Island Sound; a bait and tackle shop; an interactive, sustainable seafood café; a mini-theater documentary film on commercial over-fishing; a wii fishing game area, a photo wall of fish stories and videos submitted by local residents; and a custom scale fishing boat where young visitors can learn to catch and release. 

We created a look and feel reminiscent of a seaside fishing village: weathered, wooden structures with bouys and fishing artifacts, a color palette of coastal tones, exhibit signage of eclectic typography direct-printed onto wooden panels, and inspired, painted details throughout. Illustrations and sculptural creations by artist Brian Morrissey.
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