Meeting You Where You Are CDCLI Annual Report :: For several years, I’ve worked with the Community Development Corporation of Long Island (CDCLI) to conceptualize and design their Annual Reports. This year’s report—created during the height of the Covid pandemic—reinforces CDCLI’s adaptability and accessibility in a year of exceptional challenges. The typographic cover composition is a nod to CDCLI's 50th Anniversary logo and gala visual identity—a recent collaboration between JellyFever and Noemi Kearns of Ink & Pixel Agency. It also provided an opportunity to work with the incredibly talented writer, Liz Moore.

CDCLI’s programs and services focus on providing safe, affordable housing, economic stability, and strengthening communities. Considered an essential provider, the organization never closed during the Covid crisis in order to meet the region’s housing challenges amidst a global pandemic. Working with numerous non-profit clients, I’ve often found that the people behind these important organizations have a level of commitment and passion that is unparalleled. This is the case with the dedicated team at CDCLI.
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